Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Top Questions to Ask When Selecting a Home Builder

No matter where you purchase your home, obtaining the answers to top questions to ask when selecting a home builder can make you confident to make the best decision. The process in finding a suitable home can be puzzling and repetitive. Asking the appropriate questions to your prospective general contractor in Duluth MN can make the process simple and satisfying to ensure your new choice in home works out in the long run.

Who will be doing the final walkthrough on the new home prior to our move?

A simple way for a builder to save dollars is to do without individuals in customer service. Instead, the construction department is trained to perform the final walkthrough and/or take care of certain concerns you may have upon your move into your brand new house.

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Home Upgrades to Think About When Remodeling or Building a New Home

A vastly large amount of dollars spent on your new home will be determined by choices and options you make. Today, these options continue to change. Stainless steel appliances and granite countertops were considered costly upgrades at one time. However, they are now must-haves in many new homes. You don’t always want to go with lowest common denominator just to save a few bucks.

For the best return on investment and the most in functionality, here are some top home upgrades construction companies in Duluth MN suggest:

• Upgrades in the kitchen to consider are quiet, state-of-the-art dishwashers, as well as easy-to-access microwave drawers. Under-counter beverage centers and stand-alone hoods are ideal for guests and children to help themselves without blocking entry of food preparation. You don’t want to wait until later to replace cabinets. A mere upgrade to a variety that is semi-custom can offer better-quality materials and finish options.

Monday, 10 October 2016

Tips on How to Make Your Floors Squeak-Free

There are few situations more annoying than a squeaky floor. There are several ways to reduce the noise in older houses. Unfortunately, many of these methods don’t necessarily eliminate the squeak. Fortunately, there are various steps which you can take during home construction in Duluth MN to help in preventing floor noises before they become a problem.

It is vital to understand why floor squeaks initially occur. There are many potential incidents for floor squeaks. These causes can be a result of inappropriate spacing in the joist. However, with new home construction in Duluth MN , this is typically not much of a problem.

Friday, 7 October 2016

Modern Siding Options for Remodeling Your Home

You are one of many people looking for the latest options to side your home. Today, the array of choices general contractors in Duluth MN have to offer when it comes to exterior home siding is expansive. Grass sod blocks and animal hides were once the primary materials in home siding. The options were simple with a limited selection.

Today, companies that offer home remodeling in Duluth MN provide a wide assortment of siding types including vinyl siding, shingle siding, polymer shakes and polypropylene siding, aluminum siding, pultruded-fiberglass siding, steel siding and fiber cement siding, as well as hardwood and red cedar siding, panelized stone veneer siding, plywood siding, modified wood siding and engineered products of wood siding, which entails laminated veneer lumber and oriented strand board.

Thursday, 6 October 2016

How to Avoid Making Your Dream Home Project a Nightmare

Rarely is there anything more satisfying than to unlock the door of a dream home you helped design and walk through it with your loved ones. Contrarily, staring at a floor map that is blank can lead to a host of headaches, regrets and questions.

Here is how to avoid making your dream home project a nightmare:

Don’t allow your general contractor Duluth MN to only present all his or her ideas. In fact, contractors Duluth MN should follow your lead. That way, if you are not 100% sure what you want your house to look like, you do not have to allow someone to steer you in a direction you never intended to go, whether that is an upstairs master bedroom or a formal dining room. A custom house shouldn’t feel generic.

Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Tips for Choosing the Right Design Build Company

Naturally, there are horror stories regarding problems with out-of-control, spiraling home building budgets, sites left half-completed and unprofessional builders. However, the majority of Duluth MN home builders, thankfully, are not only professional, but vastly capable of building a well-built home. You can accomplish a great deal to prevent experiences that go awry simply through the way you manage, select and communicate with the right design build company.

Here are some tips for choosing experienced design build contractors:

Pricing matters. Choosing the first home construction company you approach, that offers the lowest price, may seem logical. However, you don’t want to be hasty in your the decision-making. Generally, home builders Duluth MN are good at pricing once they are aware what is wanted. However, asking for a price prior to detailed project information or drawings equates to having them tell you merely what they may think you desire to hear.

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

How to Avoid these Common Bathroom Design Faux Pas

Generally, it is really better to go for timeless instead of what is trendy. Difficult to renovate, you want to avoid altering the design of a bathroom whenever a new trend is on the market. Otherwise, you’ll be stuck with an outdated bathroom design once the trend gone.

Design architects suggest avoiding these common bathroom design faux pas:

The initial mistake homeowners make is to forget to ensure when ordered items for the house will be delivered. Typically, items are ordered in from across seas and may take some weeks to arrive. Thus, you don’t want to wait until the day the homebuilder begins to use your bathware or tapware for fear of severe repercussions. You also want to consider light due to the bathroom being used throughout the day. Natural light is typically preferable.

Monday, 3 October 2016

Home Building Tips for Pet Owners

When designing your home, bathroom finishes and kitchen layout may require hardwood floors; you may even search for furniture which is durable and easy to maintain if young children are in the house. However, you don’t want to forget about your pets.

Here are some home building tips, construction companies Duluth MN suggest, for pet owners:

More pet owners are remodeling with dog washing stations in mind. A dog washing station can be placed in a mud room, laundry room, garage or wherever is considered an entry area after a walk to and from the dog park. Naturally, the main feature of a dog washing station is a space to wash a dog, such as a walk-in shower with a sprayer or handheld showerhead or a small tub. Storage can also be added for everything from extra towels and leashes to umbrellas, wetsuits, family shoes, sports equipment and jackets.

Friday, 30 September 2016

Storm Proof Your House With These Quick Tips

Regardless of where you live, a storm can occur unexpectantly. More and more homes, accross the country are becoming storm proofed. As home builders construct new homes or remodel older ones, the effects of storm mitigation are something we will all have to consider for better or for worse. Duluth MN home builders suggest the following tips on how to storm proof your house.

Whether you utilize shutters or impact-resistant glass, securing windows and doors against flying debris and high-speed winds is crucial. Winds in a storm can toss objects which have the force of bullets. Some Duluth MN home builders suggest installing a track system or shutters to protect your home in the instance of an impending storm. The shutter may not be a long-term fixture on your home exterior, but the fastening hardware or track can be.

Thursday, 29 September 2016

Pros and Cons of Buying an Older Home: Why You Should Build a New House

You may picture a lived-in, warm house with wood craftsmanship from a century or two ago, a stately fireplace and even an uneven apple tree in a plush garden. The truth is…an older home is always complemented with its own character.

Whether your dream home resembles the traditional colonial of your formative years, or a sophisticated, urban townhouse, your tastes may be more suited for an older home. You may even prefer a house built, by design build contractors,that is newer, with a more contemporary style, less maintenance and stylish amenities.

Some may prefer an apartment home because they don’t see the value in owning a house with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms for 2 children. One size certainly doesn’t fit all when you are considering purchasing a home.

Wednesday, 28 September 2016

What You Need to Know Before Building a New House

The road to achieve home ownership may not be the ideally, manicured walk you desire. Typically, there are sacrifices entailed, along with saving plenty of dollars. The time comes when you need to make a decision whether you are finally ready to purchase the house of your dreams. Should you purchase a home or do you invest in home construction?

If you are interested in having your home constructed, here is what you need to know before building a new house:

It may be more beneficial to construct a home than a mere custom layout. When you decide to have your house constructed by contractors Duluth MN, you are investing in more than simply a design of style. Essentially, better indoor air quality, energy efficiency and space to manage your new appliances can be the first-rate benefits to constructing a new home, rather than purchasing an older house.

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

How to Improve the Curb Appeal of Your House

It is not a secret that houses that possess curb appeal command higher prices and they usually don’t take very long to sell. Improving the curb appeal of your home isn’t just about replacing siding or adding an extension to your home, but simply beautifying your home overall and keeping it well-maintained. If you are planning to sell your home in the future, here are a few creative ways to improve the curb appeal of your house:

Fresh mulch, pruned shrubs and a well-manicured lawn can improve the curb appeal of your humble abode. You can replace overgrown bushes with colorful annuals and leafy plants. You can surround trees and bushes with reddish-brown and dark bark mulch, which provides a rich aesthetic to the yard. You can place a crisp edge on beds in your garden, and extract weeds, as well as place fresh flowers in pots.

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Kitchen Remodeling in Duluth MN (Don’t Get Burned)

Americans are spending over $599 billion annually on home improvement and kitchen remodeling projects. It’s no wonder why contractor scams have been so prevalent over the past few years. Here are a few ways to avoid getting burned on kitchen remodeling Duluth MN. Avoid any kitchen remodeling contractor who tells you that a written contract isn’t necessary. In addition, don’t sign a contract that doesn’t reflect the verbal agreement. If a contractor insists that you’re responsible for getting permits for a job, that’s a sign that he/she probably isn’t licensed or it was revoked.

Monday, 27 June 2016

Avoid These Costly Home Renovation Mistakes

With the decline of the housing during the financial bubble, a multitude of first-time home buyers purchased houses with every intent to remodel them. Especially with all the cable television shows and even network television regarding home improvement, replacing a countertop for example, doesn’t seem difficult. Many of the home buyers took advantage of the depressed housing marketing. Unfortunately, they eventually realized that renovations and remodeling Duluth MN were much more challenging than initially planned.

Sunday, 26 June 2016

Home Design Trends to Watch For in 2016

Whether you are searching for contractors Duluth, MN to build a new home or to remodel an existing home, there are a few home design trends to consider this year. Here are a few trends that dominate in 2016: Keep It Open – Keep It Airy One of the most popular design trends is to keep a room open and airy. The days of filling every corner of a room with furniture or an object has become a thing of the past. A home should have clear views throughout the home. This design concept is geared towards the busy household. When a homeowner comes home from the hustle and bustle of the day, everything should be in clear view. As far as kitchen design is concerned, Houzz suggests that kitchen layouts have become more open and airy. Full-size appliances and walls occupied by cabinetry is beginning to fade. Minimalism is the key.

Saturday, 25 June 2016

5 Ways to Add Value to Your Home

As this is an ideal time to sell or purchase a home, housing prices are at recent highs in many neighborhoods. Approximately 5.3 million homes have exchanged from one hand to another in 2015, in the US. That was over 30 percent from the financial crash in 2008. Comparatively cheap at the moment, purchasing a home is relatively easy due to low interest rates (below four percent for a mortgage fixed at 30 years).

Friday, 24 June 2016

Smart Choices for Your Bathroom Remodeling Project

Many homeowners love planning kitchens and other living spaces in their home, but often fail to put much thought into what their bathroom should look like. A bathroom, however, should be given as much thought as any other room you’re remodeling project. After all, it offers comfort and relaxation, and a good amount of time is spent there. Why not make it beautiful as well as functional? If you’re thinking of having your bathroom remodeled, here are some things Duluth MN home builders recommend homeowners take into consideration. Have A Plan Experienced builders Duluth MN always have a plan in place. This may sound very basic, but it’s surprising how many homeowners go about bathroom remodeling without first drawing up a plan. This often leads to bathrooms that are too cluttered, or designs that do not complement the look of the rest of the home.

Thursday, 23 June 2016

Differentiating Between a General Contractor and a Home Builder

It’s safe to assume that when designing and building your custom home, you want and expect only the best, and the most efficient way to do this is by finding and hiring the right General contractors Duluth MN for the job. One of your top considerations and early decisions centers on whether to hire a general contractor or a home builder. The Job of a General Contractor As the name implies, design build contractors are people who are responsible for monitoring your home construction project from day one through to completion. A general contractor is either an individual or a company, and typically works with other subcontractors in order to complete the project. A contractor is also responsible for making sure that all the required permits have been complied with.

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

How to Budget Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling Costs

It is not as easy as you may think to set a budget for your kitchen and bathroom remodeling Duluth MN. Staying within the budget is usually the hardest part. The average cost of a remodel may be approximately $80,000, but there are three factors to determine whether or not you want to spend that much. First, you want to know how much to spend. You should consider your finances to determine this amount. Second, you want to determine how long you plan to remain in your house. If it is your plan to sell the home within five years, then renovation in a kitchen or bathroom remodeling should be considered an improvement on an investment in real estate. You should only spend what you think will be your return on investment upon the sale of the house.

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Design Options for Design/Builders: In-House Design

In the custom home industry we have two ways to build a home: the traditional bid and build model, or the design build approach. As design build firms, we have two ways as well: in-house and outsourced design. In-house design means the designer is actually on the firm’s staff, while outsourced design means a designer or architect works for another firm, or for themselves. Here, we’re going to talk exclusively about in-house design. Benefits of In-House Design Keeping design in-house allows for entire control of the creative, cost and delivery processes, ensuring homeowners of a better overall experience. From a practical standpoint, having a designer on staff means she or he has immediate access to other members of the team who can provide resources and cost feedback in short order. And because the design build firm will also manage the construction, great care is taken to ensure accuracy and completeness of the plans.

Monday, 20 June 2016

7 Ways Some Architects Do A Disservice To Contractors and Homeowners

If you’re a contractor who’s been at this for a while, you’ve likely had your share of negative experiences in working with some architects. And you’ve probably been witness to the disappointment, frustration, and financial upsets homeowners have been put through by the way some architects operate their design and development business. Notice that iboth statements I said “some” architects. I’ve personally had the pleasure of working with some great architects as well. As is true in all professions, there are good ones and there are other, not-so-good ones. I fully expect some heated feedback for what I’m about to say, but I think it’s a discussion worth having. Based on nearly two decades of experience, here are the seven ways I think a large number of architects do a disservice to contractors and homeowners alike.

Sunday, 19 June 2016

Design Build Duluth’s Preferred Contractor Network Difference

Project design is not just about getting a construction project done on time and on budget. Though both are extremely important, Design Build Duluth knows that the homeowners we work with want to feel secure in the knowledge that their project will be handled with integrity, outstanding service and unequalled craftsmanship. It’s the reason we created our Preferred Contractors Program. We’re highly selective about the contractors we choose to partner with for remodeling or new construction projects. To be eligible for our Preferred Contractors Program, each contractor undergoes a rigorous screening process before being invited to join our team. Each contractor is carefully considered based on their:

Saturday, 18 June 2016

Design Options for Design/Builders: Partnering for Design

The design build model’s greatest strength is the single-source responsibility and accountability it offers to homeowners. But that single source is not one person, it’s the team that has been carefully put together to ensure a smooth and successful project. That’s why it’s imperative that contractors and designers work in partnership for the mutual benefit of everyone involved, including the homeowner. Contractors more often than not now find themselves in the position of “interviewing” and choosing designers, which represents a major role reversal in the industry.

Friday, 17 June 2016

What to Consider If You’re a Contractor Offering Design – #4 is Most Important!

If you’re considering adding design services to your company, there are certain areas you’ll need to address before making such an important decision. All contractors know that a complete and well thought out set of plans makes everyone’s life easier by saving time and money through reduced change orders and schedule disruptions. Deciding to offer design services can make your company stand out from the pack and attract better quality clients and projects. It’s imperative that you have a comprehensive strategy worked out before adding design to your resume, for if you don’t, you could lose a lot of money and waste a lot of your valuable time.

Thursday, 16 June 2016

What Sets Successful Design Build Firms Apart from Other Business Models

Given the number of parties involved, even the smallest of remodeling projects can be a complicated affair. Besides the homeowner, there’s the architect and interior designer, general and specialty contractors, along with the countless vendors who supply the raw materials and home finishing products. Throughout the life of the project they must all work together to deliver a finished space that meets the homeowner’s expectations, and they must do it all while staying on schedule and budget. Now picture a team approach where a homeowner never needs to worry if the plans the architect designs will be rejected by the builder because of site, construction or financial limitations. An approach that entails every phase, from design to construction, being handled under one roof. That’s the reality of a remodel which involves hiring a firm like Design Build Duluth.

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Security: The Forgotten Factor When Doing Your Home Remodeling Project

When remodeling your home, some of your most immediate concerns would be ensuring that you have the right team in place, you have the right tools and materials for the project, and you have a place to stay as the contractors work on your home. Unfortunately, the last thing some homeowners would have in mind would be the security of their place. Security Risks When Home Remodeling Your home is at higher risk for burglars during home remodeling. This is because they can easily see that people can easily come and go as long as they look like contractors. If a major home remodeling is going on, the burglars can also easily surmise that you are probably staying at another place while you wait for your home remodeling project to be finished. The plastic tarps are also a dead giveaway that your house is currently very vulnerable and one could easily enter without anyone noticing.

Differentiating between What a General Contractor and a Home Builder Is

When it comes to having your home built, you would, of course, want only the best; and that means getting the right person for the job. One of the questions, therefore, that you have to settle early on would be, which do you get – a general contractor or a home builder? The Job of A General Contractor As the name implies, a general contractor is one responsible for monitoring the project from day one until its completion. A general contractor can either be an individual or a company. They usually work with other subcontractors in order to complete the project. Aside from monitoring the progress of the project, a general contractor is also responsible for making sure that all the needed permits have been complied with.

Thursday, 18 February 2016

Tips on Surviving the Inconvenience that Comes with Home Remodeling

While home remodeling can enhance the look and function of your home in Duluth, MN, it can be very inconvenient for your family. Things can get pretty chaotic when at least one of your rooms is torn apart and laborers start walking around the house. Here are some tips on minimizing the chaos and surviving the home remodeling ordeal. Box Your Treasures Take down wall hangings in adjacent rooms and box them up before the remodeling project begins. Put away belongings that cannot be fixed or replaced. Expect a lot of things to break during the remodeling project no matter how careful your contractor is. Banging on walls and ripping out joists is a messy work. Move delicate items, such as glass furniture and fragile accessories, far from the work area.

Choosing Contractors in Duluth MN Using the Design/Build Principle

Situated on the western most point of the Great Lakes, Duluth, MN has always been a popular tourist destination in Minnesota. Tourism brings new people to the area, which in turn helps boost the economy. Some tourists even decide to move to the Duluth area permanently. Currently, there are over 131,000 people living in Duluth; a large percentage of these people own their own homes. Why Design/Build? Because of the increasing population in Duluth, remodeling contractors never run out of service request. One of their newest service packages is what is commonly known as design/build. The design-build concept involves work under one contract, which means the owner does not need to hire different design and building professionals individually. Instead, all the needed professional services, from excavation to finishing, are covered by a single contract between the owner and the contractor.

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Home Builders in Duluth, MN Excite Clients with a New Building Concept

Design/Build is an all-inclusive home building service package, which includes design, construction, and inspection. Unlike traditional home construction services that normally require subcontractors, design/build is offered by a single contractor only. This new concept is gaining popularity in the housing industry and has been used by many established home builders in Duluth, MN. The average client would normally want to hire different professionals to realize his dream home. He would hire an independent architect to make the design and later a contractor to materialize that design. What he doesn’t realize is the ballooning cost that entails hiring different construction professionals. Thanks to design/build, this culture is finally beginning to change.

Builders Design Your Bathroom Remodel Using 3D CAD for Better Imaging

Whether you are doing a kitchen or a bathroom remodel in Duluth, MN, being able to design and visualize the finished project in 3D before you get started is a great way to make sure that you get exactly what you had in mind. Here are some reasons why the design/build method for bathroom remodeling using 3D CAD is the best way to tackle your project. Customization Using 3D software to design your new bathroom allows you to see what it will look like down to the finished detail. You will be able to see if the tile you like complements or clashes with the shower doors you’ve chosen. If you don’t like what you see, or you realize that the bathtub will not fit in your space, you can make changes before construction begins. In the past, people found out these problems during construction.