Friday, 30 September 2016

Storm Proof Your House With These Quick Tips

Regardless of where you live, a storm can occur unexpectantly. More and more homes, accross the country are becoming storm proofed. As home builders construct new homes or remodel older ones, the effects of storm mitigation are something we will all have to consider for better or for worse. Duluth MN home builders suggest the following tips on how to storm proof your house.

Whether you utilize shutters or impact-resistant glass, securing windows and doors against flying debris and high-speed winds is crucial. Winds in a storm can toss objects which have the force of bullets. Some Duluth MN home builders suggest installing a track system or shutters to protect your home in the instance of an impending storm. The shutter may not be a long-term fixture on your home exterior, but the fastening hardware or track can be.

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